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Edit as of 4 Oct, 2pm: I have already received one complete response to ALL the missions and I have provided detailed feedback for the student. What are you waiting for? 🙂

Thanks for the survey responses so far! They have been very illuminating. Please fill one up if you have not and help me get a better idea of what resources to create for you.

Many of you have voiced out concerns about doing AD-AS questions. One of you have mentioned that you would like to see some A Level style questions. Another talked about the need for a structured revision plan.

Well I am not the A Level questions setter, but here’s my best attempt at coming up with some questions that can build your higher order thinking and also familiarise you with some real world context.

I call these missions because that sounds really cool, but they are really just performance tasks and essay questions.

In the next couple of weeks, I will be collaborating with some other student-teachers (currently at NIE) to develop some market structure related resources for you.

For now, here are the questions you can think about and attempt. I will be providing more scaffolding as well as suggested responses in future posts. But because these are higher order thinking questions, you will NOT benefit if you do not attempt them on your own. You have to go through the process of constructing new knowledge on top of your prior knowledge.


Mission 1: You are a consultant to Angela Merkel. Write a short letter to the German chancellor to explain why Germany should support Greece in their debt relief programmes. Include relevant economic concepts and reasoning.


Mission 2: To what extent are elasticity concepts important in determining the impact of education and retraining programmes on the Singapore economy?


Mission 3: Look for the data set of Singapore interest rates and US interest rate, using Desmos, perform a linear regression of one on the other. What do you notice? Based on your economic knowledge, how might you explain this relationship? What does this suggest about Singapore’s choice of monetary policy?


Mission 4: Supply side policies are the best type of policies to address a recession in Singapore. Do you agree? Discuss. Describe carefully the assumptions you have made in your arguments.


Mission 5: Account for Singapore’s exchange rate movements in the past 3 years.


Mission 6: What are some of the economic policies implemented by the Chinese government in the past 2 years? Discuss the long run impact of two of these policies on China’s economy.


So… They are certainly pretty difficult! If you do attempt them, feel free to email your responses to I promise to reply to all your emails and provide feedback to you as a reward for your hardwork. 🙂

Till next time, dream economics.

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