3 Ways to Use Articles in an Economics Classroom1 min read

Let’s say we have a piece of writing — economics writing.

How do we most effectively use it to teach students economic concepts?

Here are some ideas.

Break it up

Identify the different characters in the article and get students to role-play.

First, in groups, students do research about what the different characters might think or act in this situation and then they try to play out the scenario presented in the article.

Arrow of time

Expand on the issue described in the article into a timeline of sorts and get students to describe the links between different events using economic theory.  Pay attention to any causal relationships that might exist.

Thematic analysis

Pick out a few key economic themes in the article. Split students into groups and get each group to explain how the article links to their assigned theme. Explore relationships between the different themes at a class level.

What do you think?

What are some effective ways to make complex economic issues come alive for students? How might we make use of more real world context to teach economics in the classroom in a fun and engaging manner?

If you’re a student reading this, help me find out what you’ll be engaged by answering this one question.

Till next time, dream economics.

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