Economics amazes me.

I have spent a great deal of my life grappling with questions such as “why do people think what they think?”, “what does it mean to have a good life?” and “how do we achieve world class performance in what we do?” While it may strike you that none of these questions are actually purely economic in nature (and in fact I think they sound more like philosophical questions about life in general), they are in fact very much the kind of questions that economics seeks to answer in its own unique way. Economics provides a frame of reference — a lens — for us to view the world. It is not perfect, but neither is any of the other social sciences. Yet, together they give us deep insights about our behaviour and how we can learn to ask the right questions and live the kind of lives that we want.

I would like to delude myself that I am still young. Recently graduated from University of Cambridge with a degree in Economics, I will be entering the teaching service in Singapore. I love education, and I spend lots of my spare time learning all sorts of things.

I hope you will enjoy reading this blog as much I like writing it.

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The essence of Economics is to use Economics theories and concepts to make the best possible decision, by weighing the costs and benefits. Often, these “laws” often do not hold true in real life or are only exclusive to certain context. There is no perfect solution to many of the problems and challenges the world is currently facing, thus the proposed solution is constantly evolving to fit into the constantly changing context and new theories are invented. You will never learn or know everything and there is infinite number of possible solutions to a problem, and that is the beauty of Economics.

Economics has no right or wrong answers; there are only applicable and non-applicable statements. In a way everyone is right. Coming from a debate background, the idea of convincing others of the validity of my statements is what makes economics is what makes Economics appealing to me.

My economics tutor said “Economics opens door to knowledge and new thinking. Seek the strength, the tenacity and the passion to not only maximise your own utility but other’s as well.” Economics have shaped my perception and views of many global issue and has helped me make the best decision that I can in my daily life (especially in a game of contract bridge).

I am Kenneth and I am 19 this year, recently graduated from junior college, hoping to study economics in a university and I still have plenty to learn in the field of Economics. I hope you will enjoy reading this blog and be enlightened by Economics.



  1. Hi, I studies economics and finance at university and really enjoyed the theory. I work in the financial sector now but now finding it as stimulating as I thought it would be. I am seriously considering getting my teaching qualification so I can teach economics at a high-school level (we have that in Australia) as I love the theory and concepts of economics.. Looking forward to reading your posts.


    1. Wow! Yes if you love the theory and the concepts and if you love teaching then you should definitely go for it. I took a glance at your blog and it looks amazing. I look forward to reading it in detail when I’m free. Thanks for the support.


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