The Answer to All Economics Questions

We all had a teacher who we will remember for life, be it for good or bad reasons.

For me, it is my economics teacher in JC1. He was a unique teacher who stuck to his own set of methods and style of instruction. Unfortunately, it was not a style favoured by some of his students and he was often misunderstood to be a bad teacher. In my opinion, he was simply different; he would used to come to class and rattle on about one of his stories about his daughter in UK, while weaving in explanations of economic concepts and his own opinions on current affairs; he never went through a single school tutorial worksheet during our tutorial sessions; he loved MCQs and would spend hours going through the questions because he believed that MCQs can bring about a strong fundamental understanding of the subject; he would send us emails with articles from The Economist and The Straits Times, often using these articles to illustrate key economic ideas.

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