The Economist Articles — Week of 20 Feb 2016

Every week I read through The Economist to pick out articles that may be useful for teaching in the classroom. I’ll be sharing some of my notes and the discussion prompts I’ve come up with in these weekly posts. For students, they can serve as guide-rails for your reading. For teachers, I hope they will be helpful for your teaching.

1. Fighting the next recession — Unfamiliar ways forward

“If (China’s) growth falters, it stokes worries about the prospects for other emerging markets; if activity holds up, though, concerns shift to the ever rising debt that makes such feats possible, but not necessarily sustainable.”

Questions to Prepare You for The A Levels

Edit as of 4 Oct, 2pm: I have already received one complete response to ALL the missions and I have provided detailed feedback for the student. What are you waiting for? 🙂

Thanks for the survey responses so far! They have been very illuminating. Please fill one up if you have not and help me get a better idea of what resources to create for you.

Many of you have voiced out concerns about doing AD-AS questions. One of you have mentioned that you would like to see some A Level style questions. Another talked about the need for a structured revision plan.