How to fall in love (with Economics)

You chat. It’s nothing.

(When demand increases, price increases; but when price increases, quantity demanded falls!)
Wow, that’s cool.

(The price mechanism rations the limited goods and services to those who are most willing and able to pay, based on dollar votes.)
So what that’s what you do?

(The price mechanism achieves allocative efficiency.)

(But we have to make a lot of assumptions.)
I see!

(The government sometimes likes to intervene in markets by giving out subsidies. For example, Edusave is provided to all students to correct for market failure in education.)
Nice. Yeah I like that too. Totally relatable.

Why I chose teaching & some thoughts on the flow state

When I was a student, I loved having eureka moments. I recall the many occasions in a classroom when a question that bugged me was finally resolved, the times when all of a sudden I understood a difficult concept upon hearing it being reexplained in a unique way, and the times when I came up with something that I thought was really interesting and shared it with others. These days we know the science behind such moments and why they feel so good; our brains release dopamine when we learn something new and exciting – it’s the same chemical that is released when advancing to the next level of a video game or hearing the coins in a slot machine. As educators, we are in the business of creating eureka moments. I see it as my goal to make learning as fun and as addictive as possible. I want to rekindle that flame of curiousity we all had when we were children, before anyone told us we should stop being so damn annoying by asking so many questions. Because ultimately, to create you’ve first got to be curious and there is nothing more meaningful than being in the business of developing creators who will one day shape the world we live in. As a teacher, I literally see myself as a kid who is just trying to find ways to engage and play with other kids; yes, what makes me tick is the thought of bringing out the kid in everyone.